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A group of boys ask Reed Richards if Galactus is real. He responds that not only is he real but there are others like him in space. The Celestials for one. ( Thor #389). The Watcher is more neutral than evil, but probably will only watch you being eaten.

The Fantastic Four will probably be able to save the world, but not for certain since they are away in space so much and the numbers of "giant space men who want to kill you", 147 at last count, mean that they might come back to find the Earth already eaten.

He also says that, statistically, the kids have a greater chance of being killed by a Mole Man Monster or by one of Dr. Doom's world domination schemes than being eaten by Galactus.

It closes with a prediction that the world will be destroyed by Galactus in at least five years, ( Fantastic Four #48) and that they should buy more Marvel Comics to avert it.







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