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When  Wolverine arrived in the Savage Land, on the trail of whoever was behind an assassination attempt on him. While flying over the area, he lost his lighter, and the Tribe of Fire claimed it as a gift from the gods. Later, Wolverine arrived in their home area and reclaimed his lighter. Startled by this being, the Tribe sought to see if he was a god or demon, and their leader, Gahck, challenged him in combat. Originally clad in an outfit that hid her female form, Gahck gave Logan a tough fight, but he managed to defeat her. 
 Gahck was removed as leader of the tribe, and as such, offered herself to Logan (the new leader) and revealed herself to be female. Though she didn't understand his tales of why he was there, she bedded with him. Over the next few weeks, Logan continued to live with the Tribe of Fire, and proved himself by killing a dinosaur bare-handed. The Tribe then fulfilled his rituals, with Gahck applying warpaint to his body.

 When Falke's son Chakel was feared dead after an attack by the Honker of Doom (a giant creature that had long terrorized the clan), Logan tracked and destroyed the monster, learning it was a cyborg. Gahck followed him to a lair that turned out to be one of Apocalypse's.  There, a rogue robot of Apocalypse's captured the two of them. However, Wolverine broke free and ordered Gahck to take a rescued Chakel with her, after which Wolverine destroyed the robot. After that, Wolverine used the lighter (which, as it was a gift from Nick Fury, doubled as a bomb) to blow up the secret compound and flew out of the Savage Land. 

He left immediately in the plane after this because he knew couldn't be both with Gahck and stay with the X-Men, flying over the tribe. The Tribe of Fire    believed Logan was killed in the explosion and a few months later Gahck birthed Erista Logan son.
  Powers/Abilities: Gahck is incredibly gifted in fighting abilities, endurance and stamina, but is otherwise a normal female human.

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