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Ganriel Rosetti is one of Marvel's horror protagonists of the 1970s. Gabriel was once a happily married scholar. His wife Andrea was pregnant and they were expecting a child ... when that happiness ended. Andrea was mysteriously murdered, mutilated within their own house. Every window and door was locked and the only fingerprints on the weapon were her own. Desperate after the event, Gabriel turned to religion. He took vows of priesthood but this hardly stopped his problems. Months into his priesthood, Gabriel was possessed by the demon Catherine. She forced him to tear out his own eye and burn the religious items within his house. He only drove her out when he grabbed a metallic cross from the fire and used it to burn its image into his own chest.

Figuring demons did exist and probably had something to do with mysterious murders and suicides, Gabriel became an exorcist. He was joined by a mysterious assistant, Desadia. She was a young woman with no memories of her own but strongly resembled Andrea and even had the same voice. The duo kept pursuing Catherine and other demons active in the mortal world.Gabriel also had to struggle with horrific nightmares and a thirst for liquor. His only relief was Desadia who he came to accept as his old/new wife.

Following the end of his series, Gabriel has guest starred with the Fantastic Four and Hellstorm. He has lost Desadia in uncertain circumstances and the woman is hinted to be dead. His hatred for demons has made him a pawn for angels and other corrupt would-be saviors.

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