G-Man: Cape Crisis #2 Preview

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G-Man: Cape Crisis #2
Did you catch the first issue of G-Man: Cape Crisis.  Basically G-Man's powers come from his cape, which was made out of a magic blanket.  Once G-Man gained his powers, he soon gained the attention of his classmates.  After being pestered to share his cape (and powers), G-Man decided to use the extra scraps of the blanket and made power bracelets they could borrow.  Big mistake.
Issue #2 is out on September 9, 2009.  Check out the preview pages for the issue.  It also features the return of Wizard Glendolf Williams, Suntrooper and Kid Thunder!

story, art & cover CHRIS GIARRUSSO

32 PAGES, FC, $2.99

Wizard Glendolf Williams has bad news for G-Man. The magic in G-Man’s cape has become dangerously unstable! And it’s going to take more than the sorcery of Glendolf to set things right!

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The name G-Man reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it

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I know I know I've heard that name somewhere, just cant figure it out
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me too but hmmm. the characters are awsome and cool

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he he...crystal wall!!

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@Media_Master said:
" he he...crystal wall!! "
That's what I love about this. Who would've thought to have a 'crystal wall.'  If you think about it, trying to get a bunch of people trying to look at a ball is just crazy.
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Dude that would be so awesome to have a comic book series about yourself.

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