capn_carrot's G.I. Joe Special Missions #4 - Crush Depth, Part 4; Conclusion review

The first arc comes to an end at the bottom of the ocean

I'm still waiting for one of the three G.I. JOE titles to rise above the other two. Although that doesn't happen here, Chuck Dixon provides a solid ending to the first arc (which surprisingly doesn't give Scarlett all that much to do other than the one scene of her punching a shark an issue or two back) as the JOEs on-board the mercenaries' freighter find themselves in the midst of a fight between the Baroness, the mutineering freighter crew (who have their own plans for the Cobra cash), and the arrival of Serpentor's Coil troops. The result is a lot of action and a sort of stalemate that leaves everyone involved going home unhappy as the money is once again lost at the bottom of the ocean.

One final note, I'd actually rate this a 3.5 instead of a 3. You can find more of my reviews (with images) on RazorFine Reviews

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