G.I. Combat #7

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First, I'd like to say I'm happy this book existed, even if only for seven issues. I'm a fan of military comics and while MEN OF WAR was a miss for me, I felt GI COMBAT, overall, was a great run. I understand that lots of people just don't like this genre of book, but I'm thankful all the creators came together to create something new based on some classic DC properties. Onto the review!

The Good

Haunted Tank

My main problem with the last issue was that Haunted Tank was a bit too out there for me. With the last issue, I became a bit more accepting of the giant Nazi wheel of death, and it this book became a lot more fun to me. Sure, it's a tad over-the-top, and doesn't fit as well in the same book as Unknown Soldier, but if I can't find fun in a book about a tank haunted by a confederate soldier, I won't be able to find fun in anything.

Fantastic ending in this issue. Strangely, it was pretty heart-warming, all goofiness aside. I felt it was a very nice wrap up to the story we were given. Writer Peter Tomasi does a fine job with closing this one out and the last scenes of dialogue here.

I love how much work and detail artist Howard Chaykin puts into every panel of this book. Inside the Nazi Wheel of Death, Chaykin spends the time drawing out every weird computer part and button in the background creating a fuller, more developed panel and scene. Rarely, do you see artists take the time and effort to flesh out a panel this much.

Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier has been one of my favorite things to come out of the New 52. Sure, there was the Vertigo run a couple years ago, but I love the fact it was brought over to DC for new readers to jump on board with.

While I felt this story was rushed, it was a fun read. It had some great scenes of action in it, and a really cool splash page drawn by Staz Johnson, who overall did a fantastic job on this issue.

Again, another great ending here. Sure, it's rushed, but I loved seeing Unknown Soldier deal with his past and become interested with the people around him. Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti have done a great job here at redeveloping a new character and humanizing him a bit more in this issue.

The Bad

Both issues suffered hard from a feeling of rushed storytelling and endings that came out of no where. Everything wraps up way too quickly and abruptly. It's painfully obvious that both stories needed another issue to complete these stories the way they were meant to be completed. I feel like Haunted Tank handled this last issue a bit better than Unknown Soldier though.

Don't jump on here. It's the last issue.

Haunted Tank

I shouldn't really be comparing the two stories because they are separate entities; however, they are in the same book. Haunted Tank is ok, good at best. It's not on par with Unknown Soldier, so reading the two together can be a bummer because the quality of both books is so different, as well as both have a different tone. Simply put, they don't fit together well in the same comic.

Unknown Soldier

Aside from the rush problems on the story, I loved this issue.

The Verdict

It's sad to see this go. This book is highly under-rated, in my opinion, but again, I'm glad everyone took a chance on it. I would love to see Unknown Soldier and Haunted Tank worked into the current DCU somewhere, but frankly, I don't see that as a possibility.

Each story here wraps up incredibly quickly, giving it a very rushed feeling; however, the prologues to these stories are both fantastic, which I was surprised about. Overall, I loved this book, but the average reader probably won't because these are military books, and we all know now that DC has two strikes in the sales department for military books since the New 52 started.

Haunted Tank - 3.5/5

Unknown Soldier - 4/5

Overall - 4/5

I'll miss you GI COMBAT!


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