G.I. Combat #6

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The Good

Haunted Tank

Once again, Howard Chaykin's art on this story is great. There's a lot of depth and great attention to detail here. While I had a few problems with some panels and how the faces were laid out on the person's head, overall, it's some of my favorite Howard Chaykin art.

The first half of this story is super fun. I loved the action and the amount of violence here as Tank and crew shoot down the enemy. It's also always fun to see someone get blown up with an RPG... in comics... not in real life. Don't make me out to be a monster. I love these bits and pieces of action here. My only wish is that more people would give war books a chance.

Unknown Soldier

I know GI COMBAT is being cancelled, and I'm very saddened by that; however, please give Unknown Soldier his own book with this creative team. This is my plea. This is the most underrated thing at DC, and it's going away. Take a real chance on Unknown Soldier.

Well, obviously, I really enjoyed this story. Unknown Soldier does great with the limited amount space it gets each issue. We get a solid set-up detailing the mission, Unknown Soldier infiltrates, and crazy reveal page at the end. Yes, it's a tad formulaic, but it works extremely well. Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti prove they can do a lot with a little.

Artist Staz Johnson is great on this issue. He is fantastic with flow and focus. He's great at leading the eye across the page. I've been really enjoying his style on this book.

Fantastic ending to the issue. Lots of great twists and turns.

The Bad

Haunted Tank

Story wise, I was really digging this issue, until the halfway mark where it got incredibly bizarre. The issue deals with Hitler's fondness of the occult, which is a pretty cool thing, but by the end of the issue, I felt it was to wacky for the book. Yes, I understand this book is about a tank haunted by a confederate ghost, but too many "out-there" elements in this story don't appeal to me. Frankly, it's mainly the last page.

Unknown Soldier

This isn't its own book.

I wasn't too keen on the newspaper-like dot shading in places. It was distracting.

The Verdict

While GI COMBAT is being cancelled, I loved the idea DC took a chance on this book. Sure, it's a huge bummer it's going away, but they tried something new. I applaud them on that. More importantly, give Unknown Soldier his own book again, in the New 52! This issue of Unknown Soldier was great all around, it was close to perfection for me. It is one of my favorite DC reads.

Haunted Tank, on the other hand, was a big mixed bag. While I really enjoyed the depth and detail in Chaykin's art, I really felt the story got a little too wacky for the book. I'm a big Haunted Tank fan (especially the Vertigo mini-series) and I was hoping for something a bit more grounded.... for a book about a confederate ghost haunting a tank...

Overall, it's worth the read. Unknown Solider is what really drives this book home, and while I have my problems with Haunted Tank, I'd still recommend it.


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