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Tom Talbot is just your average teenager. He likes to play make believe, and fight with sticks. One day when playing in the park with his friend Jack Tom enters a weird state for a moment. Unaware from what went on Tom is not aware of his friend who snuck up behind him so he is hit in the head with a stick and enters a coma. He later awakes, and discovers he has the power to make anything he imagines come to life. He finds that he is able to fly, create weapons out of his hands and everything! One day on a school trip Tom battles a giant ape named Silverback, he almost loses but by using his new found abilities succeeds in defeating the beast. After the battle Tom receives a package at home. Inside is a new costume. Somebody is aware that Tom has superpowers. A card inside said "The Aegis Group" and gave an address. Somewhere unseen a hooded figure in a mask watches Tom fly away. Tom has been improving his powers to the extent that he is able to make flawless transitions to different shapes. He recently met up with a girl, who seems to be able to read minds, and has telepathic powers. They were attacked by a series of monsters, and met up with the strange hooded figure.

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