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Writer/creator Wayne Osborne and artist John Byrne present FX, an all-new, six-part series introducing a new hero for the ages. Struck down by a mysterious accident, Tom Talbot awakens to find that playing pretend has suddenly become all too real. He now has power limited only by his imagination-but will it be enough to stop the savage Silverback? Comic legend Byrne provides a cover and pencils and inks for the entire series.

Tom and Jack are best friends playing in the park. They have sticks and are pretending to be knights. Jack gets away and hides in a tree. As Tom searches for him a bright light appears and zaps him. Momentarily stunned, Tom is unable to dodge a blow by Jack and is hit in the head. He gets knocked out.

At the hospital, the doctor talks to Tom's parents. He says he should be fine and isn't sure why he hasn't woken up yet. Mr. Talbot is yelling unreasonably and his wife convinces him they should go down to the cafeteria for a bit. As they leave, Jack asks if he can see Tom. After a scolding by Mr. Talbot, he goes in and sits next to Tom. He talks to him and finally Tom wakes up.

A few days later, the boys are outside the apartment despite Talbot's "orders" that he stay in bed. They begin playing and talk about blasting any bad guys that might come upon them. Tom pretends to have a bazooka and suddenly a yellow constructed one appears on his shoulder. He accidentally blows up a garbage dumpster. The boys take off to hide in the park.

Not knowing what's going on, Tom decides to try something else. He holds out his hand and pretends to have a blaster. Saying "ZZZT" he shoots a tree down. Jack insists Tom is a superhero now and tells him to try something bigger. Tom thinks then imagines a rocket. He takes off but becomes shocked and loses his concentration. Tom begins falling but conjures up an aircraft at the last moment. After he catches his breath, he tries several more types of vehicles.

The next day, Tom shows Jack the costume he made. He wears a hooded sweatshirt with iron-on letters "F X," a mask, gloves and camouflage pants. He sticks them in his book bag.

At school, Tom runs into the girl he has a crush on, Raye. He asks if he can borrow her English notes since he's missed some school. Ace, the school bully, shoves Tom into a wall for "playing out of [his] league." Angry, Tom manages to momentarily restrain himself until they walk away. He thinks up a bowling ball and knocks Ace down. Raye yells at Ace and asks if he simply can't walk and talk at the same time. She tells him she wonders why she's going out with him at times.

On a field trip to the zoo, the boys head over to get a look at Silverback. An announcement goes over the speakers asking all patrons to not make sudden movements or loud noises. Silverback, a huge gorilla, is being transported. He is chained and cuffed and followed by several armored guards. As they prepare to move him into the back of an armored truck, he breaks free. The boys are thrilled by this.

Dressed as FX, Tom gets Silverback's attention by jumping on him in the shape of a big lion. Thinking he needs to be careful not to hurt Silverback, Tom finds this won't be as easy as he thought. Silverback yells out "Free!" and plows through the guards. One notes that their tranqs aren't working and he feels that they were set up.

Jack checks on FX as Raye comes up and asks if he knows him. Jack plays off not knowing him when Silverback grabs the "pretty" and walks away. FX flies after him. He makes machine guns to take him out. Tom now finds himself falling again. He apparently can only create one item at a time.

Having Silverback's attention, FX is now in his sites. He says he's going to hurt him since he was hurt. Taking a beating and begging Silverback to stop, he tries one last thing. He pictures a cybernetic-type arm and delivers a forceful blow that knocks out Silverback.

That evening the news reports the heroic deed of a new Super Hero named FX. A package arrives for Tom. He opens it to find a new professional looking costume. Jack remarks that now he can get rid of his cheap-o one. Tom is more concerned by the fact that this means someone knows about him. Jack finds a card with an address. Tom says he'll check it out later. Putting the costume on, he takes off flying over the city.

Elsewhere, FX is being watched by a mysterious hooded figure with a skull face...







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