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From the files of the Secret Justice Team comes a tale of derring-do and action-packed action, as Captain Yesterday (Fry), Clobberella (Leela), and Super King (Bender) face the vengeful wrath of the spawn of one of the greatest villains from their decidedly small Rogues Gallery, The Sun!

Zodberg is dressed up in as a superhero and is calling himself, The Claw. He's trying out for the "New Justice" team made up of Captain Yesterday (Fry), Clobberella (Leela) and Super King (Bender). They tell him he's not good enough. Trying to show they what he can do, he accidentally cuts off Super King's head.

It turns out Bender was merely dreaming this. Fry is trying to wake him up. He tells Fry that he actually wasn't dreaming but remembering, for some reason, the time they were all superheroes. He got a new flash card and Fry notices that it says it's a "flashback memory card." Bender says he needs to pay more attention when he's stealing stuff. Fry wishes he could remember more. The miracle cream that gave them their powers had the side-effect of memory loss. Bender tells him he can project the memory onto the wall and begins replaying the memories.

Captain Yesterday and Clobberella go outside with the Professor when suddenly night becomes daylight. A flying flaming man arrives to see them. Captain Yesterday recognizes him as the Human Sun. He corrects him and tells him the Human Sun was his father and they're the ones that put him in jail. He is...the Son of the Sun.

Son of the Sun begins blazing and heating things up. Hermes runs out and recites the statute that decrees villains are required to give out their secret origins. Son of the Sun agrees.

His father, the Human Sun, was a crook but wasn't very successful at it. Son of the Sun was raised in his care and taught the ways of being a super-villain. Clobberella asks if he wants to free his father but Son of the Sun says no because they didn't really get along. But he still wants to have revenge on the world. He has created five mini-suns that are orbiting the Earth at that moment.

Things are heating up all over. Even President Nixon's head is beginning to boil in his jar. Captain Yesterday says it's time for them to do something. Super King doesn't feel like it until he hears Captain Yesterday mention being rewarded with endorsements including malt liquor.

They begin battling Son of the Sun but heat begins making them see things. Fry seems to be having a sunstroke and is envisioning a world where everyone looks like characters from Ronald McDonald's world. Son of the Sun decides to leave them all to die.

The world is heating over and the New Justice team can't do anything about it since they cannot go to Son of the Sun's base on the sun. The Professor then comes in and tells them about his new invention, the Nimbus 50000, a supercharged portable air conditioner. It projects a force field within twenty feet of it.

They journey to the sun and soon enter Son of the Sun's lair. Soon they are captured and are tied up in a deathtrap. He is about to leave them in never-ending daylight when Clobberella mentions that it seems like he really hates the dark. It turns out he is. His father kept him in constant light and the dark is just creepy to him. They begin to tell him the positive sides of darkness like romance, theft and a good night's sleep. Thinking that perhaps he's been wrong about darkness, they soon are at a nightclub. He thanks them for steering him clear on the awesomeness of the night.

The memory is over. Fry and Bender both miss being superheros. They decide to do it again, but in video game form. Hermes comes in and yells at them that they should be scrubbing the Planet Express ship.

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