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A thousand years ago, Philip J. Fry bought a star from the star registry for his girlfriend Michelle, which has since been upgraded to planet status. After being rebuffed by Leela for the 1,000th time, Fry reconnects with his 30th century-shy ex, and together they inhabit a planet all their own. Be transported to a whole new...

The Professor takes the entire Planet Express gang to Elzar's restaurant for a night of speed dating. A few months ago he noted how the life of Hermes was. With the constant demands from his wife and child, he was left doing whatever he was told to do. The Professor even gave him a paycut without a reaction other than "yes dear." The Professor hopes they all find true love so he can mistreat them too.

Inside they are to put a sensor over their heart and in the blink of an eye they'll be on the date. Fry begins to get frustrated at how quickly they end before he can even get a word in. Everyone besides Fry seems to be doing well. Bender overhears a robot "date doctor" giving advice to a customer. The sound of "paying an obscene amount" is what immediately gets his interest. Bender is getting ideas of his own for his next scam.

Walking home alone, Fry is saddened at being the biggest loser in the restaurant. He wishes he still had his Twentieth Century girlfriend, Michelle. On his walk home, he passes by the Intergalactic Star Registry where he bought a star for Michelle in 1999 just before she dumped him. He goes in to check if it's still valid. The man behind the counter makes an unusual discovery. The star in question has been re-assigned as "Planet Michelle" when they made a mistake in thinking it was a star. Fry now owns an entire planet. He tells the guy that Michelle would definitely take him back if she knew about the planet. He tells the man how she broke up with him twice, back in 1999 and again in 3000 when she ran off with the head of Pauly Shore.

He rushes to Planet Express the next morning to tell everyone about his planet. The Professor examines it and finds that the atmosphere is exactly the same as theirs on Earth. It's completely safe for an Earthling to live there. Fry comments that it'd be even better if he could live there with Michelle. The Professor agrees but mentions he doesn't know where to find her and it's too bad he doesn't have her DNA. When Fry asks what good would her DNA do, the Professor mentions he could clone her. It turns out that Fry still carries her old scrunchie from when she threw it in his face back in 1999. He claims he was going to give it back to her when they got back together.

Within seconds, a naked and complaining Michelle walks out of the Professor's machine. Amy takes her to get some clothes, much to the Professor's dismay, and Leela asks Fry what is he going to do. They already know she can't handle living in her future and she'd be bound to leave him again. Fry says not if they're the only two living on the planet.

Fry and Michelle leave. They notice that everyone was there to say goodbye except for Bender. Bender has opened a "School of Scoring."

When Fry and Michelle land on Planet Michelle, she immediately starts complaining about being hungry. After being gone all day, the only thing she was worried about was that she was going to have to go to sleep hungry. Tired, Fry is ordered to build a shelter right away.

Soon Leela and Bender arrive with some supplies. Leela hands the scrunchie back to Fry before they delivered the cloning machine to a client. Fry gets the idea of cloning himself to help do all the work. Not able to operate the machine, he begins to kick it. In the midst of his kicking, the scrunchie falls out of his pocket. He walks away as the machine begins to sizzle into life. Soon a surprised Michelle walks in and asks what's going on. It turns out the machine made an army of Michelles. They begin arguing, complaining about being hungry and wanting to go home.

The problem is soon solved as Bender gets an idea. His clients are angry that they've paid him lots of money and have had no success in scoring. Soon they arrive on Planet Michelle and make clones of themselves to pair up with all the Michelles.

A few nights later, back on Earth, Fry purchases another star, Star Leela.

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