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Leela takes Nibbler to the veterinarian and gets some shocking news…her cute little Nibblonian has worms - worms that cause wormholes. Nibbler's disgusting ability to open portals to new worlds at the drop of a… well, you know, is at first considered a blessing, until the two-way wormholes put the DOOP in deep doo-doo!

Leela and Fry take Nibbler to the vets' when he isn't feeling well. The doctor tells them that he has worms. There's more to it than just simple worms. Because he converts food into "ultra dense dark matter," his worms are creating wormholes. The doctor gives Leela some medicine and says they should clear up in a day or two.

Later, at Planet Express, wormholes are popping up all over the place. Hermes takes advantage of one and delievers a package to save money on spaceship fuel. Hermes and the Professor decide this is a good thing and replace Nibbler's medicine with Tic Tachyons mints.

Leela can't understand why Nibbler's making even more wormholes and has such fresh breath. A couple of space tourists arrive and ask Bender to take their picture. He decides to take all of them and steals their camera. As more enjoy the advantages of the wormholes, they are soon visited by President Nixon with a surprise inspection. It seems he has a insider "mole" at Planet Express. He needs someone to take responsibility for the intergalactic border created by the wormholes with no pay. Zoidberg, who is sleeping, gets volunteered. He is now in charge of immigration.

When there is a huge line of aliens waiting to get onto Earth, one offers a bribe of food. Bender is outraged when Zoidberg considers allowing the alien to move to the front of the line for some sandwiches. He brings the idea of cash bribes. Soon they are rolling in the money.

The planet is now getting overrun with aliens that are taking all the jobs. People begin protesting outside of Planet Express. When some aliens from a planet of supermodels arrive, they start singing a different tune. The festivities are soon put to a hault when some Tauronians arrive to conquer the Earth. To put a stop to the conquering, Fry and Leela talk to Lrrr and convince him to invade Earth. Other races arrive to invade also. It comes to their attention that if they all fight each other, all that will be left is a lifeless husk of a planet. Some of the aliens decide they don't want a lifeless husk so they take their bribes and leave. Those that are left are given Standard Invasion forms from the Intergalactic Central Bureaucracy. Hermes tells the others the paperwork should take about six hundred years to process.

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