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Fry, Bender, and Leela are on a delivery mission. Fry realizes that his toes look a lot like little fingers. They are delivering baseball memorbilia to a rich collector, named Granville Byers IV (Grabby to his friends, if he had any). The package consists of Barry Bonds in suspended animation. With this final aquisition, Grabby has completed his run of the 2006 San Francisco Giants.

The gang notice all of his collection on display. Bender simply sees the monetary value of the "old" stuff. Fry notices that one display stand is empty. It is reserved for a mint copy of Space Boy #150 "The Death of Space Boy." Apparently there are no longer any copies in existance. Grabby says he'd pay anything to get a copy (within reason, of course). Bender literally has dollar signs in his eyes.

Back at Planet Express, Bender is trying to draw a copy of Space Boy #150 to try to sell it to Grabby. Fry scoffs at it saying it looks nothing like the issue. He would know because he used to own a copy. It turns out that in trying to hide it from his brother, Fry hid his copy at work. Bender insists they go look for it. Leela goes to supervise and Zoidberg goes just to go on a "field trip."

In Old New York, Fry finally finds their way to Panucci's Pizza. After eating a slice of pizza left on the counter (they were never made with real ingredients so it's still perfectly fresh), Fry finds the comic hidden behind a loose brick in the bathroom.

Bender keeps trying to horn in on Fry's coming fortune. When Fry decides to go to the phone to sell it to Grabby, the others tell him to use IDbay. Putting on a virtual helmut and staring at the comic, bidders will be able to think their bids to Fry. There is another bidder besides Grabby. The bidding war goes on but Grabby finally wins.

As they return to Grabby's planet, Fry and Bender continue to fight over the comic. Suddenly the ship is attacked and borded. Mom is there with her three sons/guards. It turns out that Mom was bidding anonymously on the comic. When she lost, her only alternative was to simply hijack them. She's not interested in the comic afterall. She is more interested in the plastic that has preserved the comic for ten centuries. She figures if she can replicate it, she'll make a fortune. She throws the comic to the boys who fight over it and end up ripping it to shreads. As Fry and Bender lament over the ruined remains, Bender wonders if they could tape it back together and sell it.

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