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Conflict with Spider-Man

Fusion's son Francis Jeremy, Frankie to his family, died in an attempt to swing off a building just like his favourite superhero, Spider-Man. In anger and sadness, Fusion blamed the Wall Crawler. Fusion used his powers to attack him and the public at large. He eventually uses his powers to snap Spider-Man's neck (this was just a "suggestion" which fooled Peter). However, Spider-Man was eventually able to see through this ruse and defeat Fusion, who turned out to be such a bad father, he got his own son's name wrong. 

Conflict with Thor

Fusion has taken 50 people hostage during a "Billy Goodman: Choose your path to success" seminar.  He straps bombs to all of them and created a series of fail safe switches to in sure the New York Police department can't interveen.  He made one request, to speak with Thor the God of thunder.  Once Thor shows up Fusion asks him one question, "Can you bring my son back?" 
Thor explains he can not.  If the gods stepped in and did these things people would lose free will and be nothing mor then puppets for the gods.  Fusion believes Thor is bluffin and demands the hostages to leave.  He then dares Thor to try to save him and prove that the Gods can step in, but Thor is pauses too long and Fusion blows up the building with himself and the god of thunder inside.   
Thor is unharmed but Fusion seems to be insinerated, but Fusion has the power to make people believe his illusions so is he really dead or was this all an illusion. 


Through Fusion's suggestion power he can:

* Suggest an event to happen, and it will. He can manipulate the thoughts of others into making them do what he wishes.

* He can make himself look like any person (normally taking on a superhero's form). Though he does not grow to fit the size of the person he is imitating this power is just an extension of his suggestion abilities. When fighting Spider-Man, Fusion could appear to be in the form of the Hulk but he never really had any of the Hulk's strength.

* Fusion also possesses a rod which he can make appear to be any object. The rod is coded to his voice; when fighting Spider-Man, he caused it to self destruct after Spider-Man stole it from him.

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