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Fuseli, appeared in Zatanna's ongoing series, when Brother Night went seeking for his help against Zatanna.

Fuseli is a Nightmare Imp who travels through sleepers by leaping from dream to dream. Clawing into a sleeper's brain, he reworks its memories, combining them with anxieties and insecurities. Fuseli underestimated Zatanna while battling her leading to Zatanna bringing Fuseli into the real world by grabbing him as she woke up from her nightmare. Zatanna then threatens Fuseli into either working with her or she will send him back through every dream he has ever invaded which would cause an imbalance in Fuseli's equilibrium and would most likely destroy him. Fuseli agrees to help Zatanna so she temporarily seals Fuseli inside her top hat. Later on he helps Zatanna free her Father's spirit from Brother Night's control, she then released and set Fuseli free under the condition that he never darkens her dreams again.

Fuseli is later contacted by Zatanna because she needs him to go deeper into her subconscious in order to discover why Zatanna has a fear of puppets. Fuseli and Zatanna go back to the moment Oscar Hampel was transformed into a puppet by Zatara. They also discover that Zatara mind wiped Zatanna to supress the trauma from that horrible night. Fuseli taunts Zatanna on the irony that her father committed the same mind wipe spell that she conjures on a daily basis.

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