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Mark Haggerty was a young robotics engineer who'd lost one of his hands in service to his country. He lived a happy life with his wife in the suburbs, until he became the unwilling pawn of a scientist on the run from rogue government factions. In the course of what was to be a routine test, Haggerty became permanently fused into the experimental Cy-bot robotic suit. Trapped within the complex exo-skeleton and rapidly becoming more and more amalgamated with it, Haggerty winds up being for his own presumed murder. He's known caught between a grudge war between rival factions in the U.S. government, with a unit of government-sanctioned superheroes hunting him down.

Mark Haggerty was a simple peace-loving and gentle man, but now trapped within this powerful, indestructible suit, he will have to fight to see tomorrow, as well as the hope that he can somehow separate himself from the Cy-bot armor. He is Fused.

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