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Gaining an increase in agility he joined Luthor's reinvented Infinity Inc. as the new Fury. After Lex Luthor turned off the everyman project, Storn was one of the few that survived. Instead his metagene activated, giving him a super powered female alter ego, Amazing Woman. Embracing his new found femininity, he named himself Amazing Woman and joined Steel's Infinity Inc.

While Jimmy Olsen researches Project 7734 he encounters Erik online with the username 'eternity 7734' who has information on General Lane's plot including 'Project Breach'. Lane is housing a planet killer. Jimmy arranges to meet Erik to discuss the project but when he arrives Project 7734 has tried to kill Erik. Jimmy rescue's Erik from a burning building only to have him die in Jimmy's arms. Codename:assassin tortured him beforehand and shot him.

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