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Élan DeJunae was a daughter in the DeJunae crime family in South America. She and Normie Osborn were set to have an arrange marriage since their childhoods. Her father has connections to the Order of the Goblin. As Élan got older, she started to follow in Norman Osborn's footsteps and she also gained connections with Black Tarantula. She eventually attacked Normie Osborn, nearly killing him. She planned to follow through on the arranged marriage but Normie never found out about the arranged marriage. Fury and Black Tarantula made a plan to have Spider-Girl take down Lady Octopus and Canis so they can rule the criminal underworld. Fury also used plans made by Norman Osborn (before his death). Fury attempted to dose Normie with a new Goblin Formula. Spider-Girl defeated Fury before Normie got the dose and the dose exploded. Unfortunately for Spider-Girl, Fury escaped.

Normie and Brenda Draco (AKA Raptor) were getting married, when Fury crashed the wedding. She wanted revenge because she was not being let into the goblin legacy. She had the Venom-Symbiote and forced it onto Normie. Her plan backfired when she found out that Normie gained control over the symbiote. Phil Urich came as a Green Goblin and defeated Fury and sent her to prison, h owever, was able to out smart Fury and defeated her but she later freed by the Cult of the Green Goblin.

Fury the Goblin Queen activates a signal that awakens the Mayday inhabiting the tank within Osborn's labs, and she escapes, confronting Mayday on the roof of her high school just as she is changing into Spider-Girl. Having been caught in the heart of an explosion that decimates New York City, a critically injured Mayday, her costume torn away by the impact, is rescued from the debris by Araña's forces. Araña, realizing that Mayday might not survive her ordeal, offers to merge with her, but she intervenes in a vision quest that Mayday is undergoing, and by aiding her overcome a force she was meant to overcome alone, she obstructs Spider-Girl from uncovering whether or not she is the true Mayday. Araña successfully completes the merging and temporaraly assumes control of Mayday's body, leaving Mayday and a third, blond woman who shares her name (possibly the spirit of Aunt May) trapped within her own subliminal consciousness before regaining control of her body. Meanwhile, The Changeling assumes Mayday's life and picks up where she left off, however her presence deeply disturbs Benjy and a crestfallen Mayday also discovers that she has split up with Gene. Gene angrily retaliates when Mayday visits him, forcing her to take physical action and slam him through a table, which produces adulation and applause from the crowd. She later receives a call from Normie, telling her about the capture of Peter Parker, leading the Changeling into assuming the role of Spider-Girl. While the body-swapped Mayday in Araña tries to find Araña within her own body, who is using her body as a trap to defeat the Black Tarantula. However, the body-swapped May was found by the Changeling leading into a battle between the two of them, just as the body swapped Araña is lead into the lair of the Black Tarantula. The Black Tarantula was able to see through Araña's trick and nearly knocks her unconscious, just as May in Araña's body was knocked unconscious as well leading the two of them to recover their original bodies. Meanwhile, Normie Osborne, along with Kaine, Phil Urich (in his Green Goblin Costume), Darkdevil, and Normie's wife Raptor, tried to rescue Peter Parker from Fury's hands, unaware of the the fact that Peter has absorbed the mind and memories of the original Norman Osborn. This leads to a fight between the assembled heroes and Peter, now possessed by the Green Goblin. Mayday arrives just as Peter/Green Goblin reunites with The Changeling, who is revealed to have been genetically spliced with the DNA of the Venom symbiote, giving her the metamorphic powers displayed by Spidercide, but without the need for a host like normal symbiotes. Bonding with his "daughter" (and, unintentionally, Spider-Girl), the possessed Peter declares himself as "The Goblin God" and begins to go on a rampage, while Mayday finds herself trapped within her father's mental psyche. With the aid of the spiritual avatar of her Great Aunt May Parker, as well as flashbacks to the day she healed Normie Osborn's psychological scars, Mayday and Peter are able to overcome Norman in a psychic duel and convince the Brand New May that Mayday is a good person. Norman is seemingly defeated, but not before he denies Mayday the chance to discover whenever or not she is the true daughter of Peter and Mary Jane, or the clone. Mary Jane is rescued from near-death by Benjy, who reveals he has developed organic webbing. With the Brand New May uncertain of her place, Mayday proposes she become a member of the Parker family, Mary Jane agrees, though Peter distrusts her and objects to the idea. Mayday takes a walk, reflecting on how her parents, baby brother, and potential new twin sister have overcome so much and truley become "An Amazing Spider-Man Family". Fury, later recovered and decided to start reclaiming her control over the Order of the Goblin. She started by kidnapping April Parker and revealing that she is in fact the real clone of May Parker. However, in going over the records she discovered that she had a younger sister who was also in line to be leader of the Order. Fury took off to Midtown High School and kidnapped Simone DeSantos, destroying her father's limo with him inside. Wes attampted to save Simone but instead was left to fall to his death after Fury knocked him off her glider. May was able to recover fast enough to catch Wes in mid air and save him. Fury in the mean time returned to her hide out and held Simone hostage while she placed a sonic bomb collar on April to manipulate her into killing May Parker. When May arrived as Spider-Girl with Dark Devil. May was able to convince April to turn against Fury and she removed her collar and destroyed most of the hide out. May, then in a brutal battle with Fury was able to defeat her and disable her goblin armor. She was then captured by the FBI and so were several members of the Goblin Cult.

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