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Wildstorm Universe

 Toshiro In His Containment Suit

Toshiro Misawa was nicknamed Fuji due to his Japanese heritage and his uniquely large size. Early in his life he attempted to become a sumo wrestler, but due the emergence of his powers and the side effects he quit his career. His body started to wither away and despite his father’s vast wealth he would have died if not for Stormwatch. Lucky for him, his powers had not fully awakened yet and before they did, the Stormwatch scientists were able to design and build a containment suit that would keep his form together. He soon became a field member after the presumed deaths of many former members. His situation is very tough on him emotionally, but he usually shows a very pleasing face and he often brags about how wonderful his containment suit looks.
He once suffered emotional trauma at the hands of Tao who was able to trap him in a mental loop and it was some time before he was freed. Another blown to his psyche came when a psychopath using genetically engineered soldiers was intent on causing massive deaths in Japan. In the end he was killed by his own soldiers. Saldy Fuji was one of the many members of Stormwatch who died when the Xenomorphs attacked. However after the Doctor resurrected Winter Fuji was one of his team members that was brought back to life along with him. 
DC Universe
Fuji makes his DCU debut (after the Wildstorm Universe was intergrated with the mainstream DCU post- Flashpoint) as a soldier working for NOWHERE in Superboy #7.


Fuji wears a containment suit to contain his radioactive plasma state. While in the suti he is incredibly strong and durable. He has stated that an added bonus of his form is that each day the gasses in his body burst in the form of an orgasm every five minutes.


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