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Dr. Honeycutt is working on his Mentawave Helmet. It is a device that is telepathic and can teleport things. General Blanque yells at Honeycutt for not making any progress on the technology and says that he will be there later that day to inspect his research.
Later, there is a storm and while Dr.Honeycutt is wearing the helmet he is struck by lightning and the mind of his robot servant and himself merge into one mind in the robots body. Blanque arrives and orders his men to destroy the robot for the murder of Dr Honeycutt. Dr Honeycutt escapes. Blanque sees the logs of experiments and sees that the helmet was still recording when Dr Honeycutt was struck by lightning. He tells his men to capture the robot. He believes that he will be able to do whatever he wanted with Dr Honeycutt's work because robots don't have rights. He starts calling Dr Honeycutt the Fugitoid.
Some crablike creatures with shells hide the Fugitoid from the people trying to find him and give him directions to a city. 
General Blangue tells his most trusted underling, Lonae, about what is happening. Lonae sells out her government to the Triceraton for drugs. The Triceraton gives her an overdose and kills another who had heard this information.
Fugitoid is then captured by some people and auctioned off. Fugitoid escapes again and is then cornered in an ally. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appear in between the the crowd and Fugitoid.







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