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Fuchikoma are spider-like walkers/tanks that possess an artificial intelligence and can therefore act independently to support their pilot, or act independently without one. The pilot normally sits in a pod accessed from the rear or top of the Fuchikoma. The A.I. is sophisticated enough that the tanks exhibit emotions and a child-like personality. They are equiped with four agile supports, or legs, that enable them to walk as well as ride using extendable wheels. They are designed to be able to easily cross a variety of different terrains. They also have two robotic arms with finger-like extensions. On the head and torso are lenses and sensors which guide the Fuchikoma and can be used by the pilot.

The Fuchikoma are used for combat and therefore have a range of weapon systems such as machine guns, grappling guns with hardened cables, and grenade launchers. Since the Fuchikoma possess an A.I. and emotions however, they are closely monitored for any signs of instability. They are also synchronized after missions so that their experiences are shared and they can learn from one another. They also tend to be a source of humor in the manga and anime adaptions.

In the Stand Alone Complex anime series the Fuchikoma were known as Tachikoma, and as Uchikoma in the second series and the Solid State Society film. Over the course of the series the personality of the tanks continued to evolve and they begin to showcase increasing self-awareness and individuality.

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