Uncanny X-Force #24

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The Good

There is so much suspense in this issue. Phil Noto joins Rick Remender on UNCANNY X-FORCE, and it is beautiful. The issue opens with Wolverine, Deadpool and Nightcrawler on a mission to eliminate Iceman -- but Bobby and Kurt have a long history together. There's a lot of really great internal dialogue here where Kurt confesses that although he's mad at Bobby for everything he's done, and everything that happened; he still really misses his friend. Remender sort of draws a parallel between what we see in the scenes shared by both Bobby and Kurt, and relate them to the events that took place in the previous 'Otherworld' story arc between Psylocke and her brother Jamie. This issue is all about members of the X-Force putting their personal sentiments to the side and doing what they have to do -- even if that means killing someone they once loved. This idea is echoed by Betsy's brother when Fantomex shows up at Jamie's funeral, and it's a scene that really brings the overall theme of the book together; tying two ongoing stories to one another. It's a great moment and it fully encompasses the overall theme of the book.

Phil Noto is one of my favorite artists, so seeing him on one of my favorite Marvel titles was a shere pleasure for me. His art is just beautiful and sweet. His ability to capture action and emotion is perfect, and he does it all in his own very eloquent artistic style. It makes UNCANNY X-FORCE an even greater joy to read. There are plenty of moments in this issue that will make your jaw drop a little bit and leave you wanting more.

The Bad

I think I lucked out this week. Yet another fantastic comic.

The Verdict

I sure hope that Psylocke isn't using Fantomex to fill the emotional void she is feeling after first losing Warren and then having to kill her brother.

That would be terrible. There are some truly great moments in this issue. The pacing is great, the story and art are equally fantastic, and it's a story that I find really interesting and compelling. Remender makes you care about these characters, and he really brings them to life off of the pages -- you feel emotionally invested in their actions and in whatever will happen to them next.

There are some really awesome scenes with Robert and Kurt, and seeing Kurt reminisce a little bit was definitely bittersweet; but something still really beautiful. The issue is beautifully drawn and a lot of fun to read. I definitely recommend this bookto anyone wanting to jump into the UNCANNY X-FORCE. Oh, and that last page...wow.

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Fantomex FTW on the last page.

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I really hope nothing comes of that last page. I don't care for that pairing. Plus it feels kinda too soon given all that's happened. The rest of it was awesome. AoA Kurt is growing on me.

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is this a one shot or does this tie into the next arc???

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@zackattack529 said:

is this a one shot or does this tie into the next arc???

One shot or it seems to be.

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Its nice to have a different artist again afetr the last run. This issue felt much sharper in terms of quality and such produced a very good issue.

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Man, Is Psylocke damaged goods at this point or what? Betsy you're a wreck. Loved the brief Evan cameo. Need to read Wolverine and the X-men and see what he's up to. So glad to see this book return to its former glory after last arc. Phil Noto was a nice treat. Wish he could stick around.

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AoA Kurt is proving how deadly, and powerful, Nightcrawler could be when willing to do whatever it takes.

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"I sure hope that Psylocke isn't using Fantomex to fill the emotional void she is feeling after first losing Warren and then having to kill her brother."

Why would this matter? Fantomex mentioned that his affection for her was merely a guise during the Dark Angel Saga.

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@John Valentine: That was most probably bravado. You can see in this issue that he cares for Betsy a lot. Someone who doesn't wouldn't confront her about the way she acted at her brother's funeral.

I liked this issue. Might be a bit anvilicious with Kurt constantly thinking about how much he liked Bobby, but I can live with that. The ending page was... interesting.

I'm a little miffed that Betsy has actually relinquished her ability to feel sorrow, rather than just blocking herself off from feeling it due to some form of PTSD. We shall see where this pans out!

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Deadpool in this issue was awesome-sauce! More than likely my favorite Uncanny X-Force issue.

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What could change Psylocke a very special way in the next arc may be pregnancy!

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@sho3s22 said:

Deadpool in this issue was awesome-sauce! More than likely my favorite Uncanny X-Force issue.

It's a tie for me between this issue and Uncanny X-Force #18.

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What a good issue. Betsy is messed up and Bobby got his. There goes my theory in being in the New Brotherhood. Spoiled myself and saw the 5 members in the July Solicit.

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And the series is back to being amazing. Thank GOD Tocchini is done. His art was very... pretty... but completely wrong for this series.

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Everything was perfect. I literally was jaw dropped and amazed in every page. I'm happy Tocchini is over with. SAD IT HAD TO END SO FAST! :(

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am i the only person that loved Bobby in this. I know it wasnt 616 Iceman but seeing him do his thing against Wolvie and his team brought a smile to my face. Hated the ending to the battle though.

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I picked this one up today because of the review! I hope it lives up.

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@Mjdemon said:

Hated the ending to the battle though.

Although I wouldn't use the word "hate" to describe my disappointment, it did feel rather lack luster for an omega level mutant to go out the way Bobby did. Nevertheless, AoA Nightcrawler did play it smart and knew enough about Iceman to edge out the win.

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wow... AoA Nightcrawler is hard...

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@Lokheit said:

wow... AoA Nightcrawler is hard...

total bad ass

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Couldn't agree more with your review, Babs.

@lazystudent: Indeed.

@jcbart: You bring up some good points. I too, want to see where this leads.

Her relinquishing of her sorrow seems like it'll be a huge plot thing later on but we'll see.

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Got some serious Anakin/Obi Wan Mustafar fight vibes from this issue.

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