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Issue made up of reprints of science fiction tales from various DC comics in published in the 50’s and 60’s.

1. When Earth Turned into a Comet. 9 pages. Story: Gardner Fox. Art: Carmine Infantino & Joe Giella. An astronaut on the Moon uses illusion and bluff to save the Earth from invaders.

2. Prisoner of the Electronic Eye. 6 pages. Story: John Broome. Art: Gil Kane. Frank Giacoia. A man must figure out how to escape from an inescapable room so he can stop Earth and Saturn from going to war.

3. The Space Hermit. 4 Pages. Story: Sid Gerson. Art: Henry Sharp. When an alien sealed in an indestructible bubble crashes into a ballpark a scientist works to free him. The question is should he?

4. Escape from Earth. 8 Pages. Story: John Broome. Art: Murphy. In the 30th century when the Council of Eternity decrees that all the people of Earth must enter the Chamber of Immortality so they will live forever, 4 people decide that the new immortals no longer seem fully human and contrive to escape from Earth and find a new planet to live on as mortals, even though this means if caught immortality will be forced on them and they will be given a jail sentence of 100,000 years!

Cover by Neal Adams

Note: Could not find Henry Sharp listed here, but his art style is very clean and strong.







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