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Very little is known of her or her very name. All that is known is that her kiss was the only one to save him from Frau Totenkinder's curse. While shocked to see a naked Flycatcher before her, she did find his eagerness at no longer being a frog adorable. She and Fly would soon learn at their wedding that the curse was not entirely gone, as a nervous Ambrose turned back into a frog. But as long as she would kiss him, he could always change back. With his constant changing back into a frog, his wife was truly happy and loved him dearly.

They had many sons and daughters together, apparently living a happy blissful life. But when the Adversary's forces began invading kingdoms, their happiness would soon come to an end. Fly, decided to boldly fight off the goblins to protect his wife and children. Although his wife pleaded against it, Fly had made up his mind. But unfortunately his curse came into quick effect the moment the goblins broke through their door. Both she and Fly watched in horror as their young children were brutually slaughtered.

However, Flycatcher would see a more horrific sight when the goblins immediately began to rape his wife and their eldest daughter. When the last goblin was done with them, he slit their throats. Its believed before leaving, Flycatcher took one last kiss from his dead wife in order to be human again. Even if it did, he apparently had no memory of the incident or his family's murders. He's asked the Magic Mirror several times to look for her and their children.

The mirror of course, lied for Fly's sake. But according to Snow White in Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, whenever he does drink a lot his memory returns and he becomes extremely depressed. Snow states, its her belief its the reason why he avoids drinking. His wife would make another appearance as a ghost in Jiminy Christmas. Santa Claus presents, the frog Flycatacher (who now remembered everything), his wife. But she could only be there long enough to kiss him to change him back. No sooner had she kissed him, did she disappear back into the afterlife.

This left Flycatcher in somewhat shock and heartbreak.

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