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Frisco has the ability to warp minds, an obvious draw for Stryfe, who hires him as one of his futuristic henchmen.


Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Art Thibert which finally settled the question as to whether Cable had a son or not and what actually happened to him.


Frisco's main task is corrupting the mind of Tyler Dayspring, the son of Cable. This feat was done with pleasure, as once Tyler was close to assimilation to Stryfe's plans, Frisco wanted to continue messing with the boy's mind. Frisco's manipulations aren't the type to fade over time. Tyler Dayspring becomes an important person within Stryfe's regime. His membership places Cable in an impossible position of choosing between a brain-washed son and Dawnsilk, an integral member of his team. Cable chooses his teammate and the choice further drives Tyler away from Cable. Tyler eventually leaves the future and begins terrorizing the present under the names of Tolliver and Genesis. All this because of Frisco's ability to alter one's mind.

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