There were Red Lanterns on FRINGE?

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 Shouldn't he be vomiting blood and making an oath to rage?

I think I smell a possible fifth week event...

So if you’ve been watching FRINGE, you might have noticed a fun comics-related Easter egg in last night's episode. Apparently, the characters went to some twisted parallel-universe where every day is opposite day. Where up is down, where left is right, where in is out… where Superman died in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS instead of Supergirl? Now, that’s attention to detail. It kind of reminds me of that gag from LAST ACTION HERO where Stallone played the Terminator, because Schwarzenneger doesn’t exist in the movie world.
The whole thing was a bit of collaboration between Geoff Johns, Wildstorm and FRINGE’s series finale director, Akiva Goldsman, who’s no stranger to comic-related shows. Johns even brings up the possibility of there being comics being produced to go with these covers. I can definitely see it. I always get a kick out of fifth week events where you get “comics from an alternate universe” like Amalgam, Tangent and even Marvels Comics. Actually, when was the last time we saw one of those? I haven’t been close attention. It seemed like there used to be one every three months, even with non-meta concepts like New Year’s Evil and Girl Crazy.  Were those Black Lantern-resurrected books tying in to BLACKEST NIGHT a while back part of a fifth-week event? I do remember BLACK LANTERN/GREEN ARROW #30 having another variation of the classic Neal Adams cover. You’ve got the Green Lantern version, the Red Lantern version, the Black Lantern version… how long do you figure it’ll take before we see some fanart-produced Orange, Blue and White Lantern versions?
  == TEASER ==
DC’s Source blog has got the skinny on the whole deal, along with some hi-res versions of the covers. In addition Crisis and Red Lantern, you've got THE MAN OF STEEL RETURNS, THE DEATH OF BATMAN and a weird line-up for JUSTICE LEAGUE.

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I was hoping that the Red Lantern cover would actually have Hal Jordan as an actual Red Lantern Corps member rather than a red version of his normal suit.
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OH YEAH!!! I'm picking everyone of these up
P.S. FIRST!!!!! (sorry, i've never been first before and i HAD to say it)

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 That was fun to watch. I saw the finale few hours ago (yeah,had to download it cause we don't get broadcast stations here in Greece) and was pretty sure I was gonna see it posted here on news section.

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Are these Stories going to be Real??!

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I notice that right away. I was like, is that red lantern? Then paused it and saw the rest. Well chedded I was.

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@Dracade102 said:

Are these Stories going to be Real??!

No just alternate takes on covers, for the 75th anniversary/Fringe alt universe.
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yeah that was wickedly awsome


Nice avie btw theodore

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The Red Lantern one looked like a poorly done photoshop project. I thought it was funny to have Jonah Hex replace Guy Gardner. The others were pretty cool.

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@spiderguylll said:
" OH YEAH!!! I'm picking everyone of these up P.S. FIRST!!!!! (sorry, i've never been first before and i HAD to say it) "
You weren't first this time either :P
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  "So what do you think? Do you want to see the stories behind the covers? If so, you should hit up Hank. Who knows, maybe these would be fun to write…  "  

thats what Geoff Johns said on the DC Blog, so what if they do make em? that be sweet!
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So if Batman died before Superman, does that mean that Superman's spine was broken?

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The DC Blog says they could be if there's interest. And I hope there is!!!!
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Dude got me thinking Atrocious and Roy team up would be AWESOME!!!!

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Hahaha! I loved these on Fringe! I was squinting trying to see them all, thanks for posting!

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The Death of Batman cover is so sweet

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:D This Just Made my Day!!! I just thought this was just another Bizarre Dream...
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I LOVE FRINGE!!! this was such a cool idea!

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@spiderguylll: LOL you werent first. sucks for you. LOL
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The Man of Steel Returns would be awesome.  Batman #75 would be a cool concept as well.  Johns needs to get that "Fringed out" series of comics published.
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Nice alternate covers.  Shame they didn't get Maguire to do the Justice League #1 homage, but I love seeing Jonah Hex instead of Guy Gardner :)

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I loved Fringe before, but now I love it even more. This is so cool.

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Could any comic be more appropriate for Fringe than Crisis on Infinite Earths?  Worlds will live, and worlds will die indeed.

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@xerox-kitty said:
" Nice alternate covers.  Shame they didn't get Maguire to do the Justice League #1 homage, but I love seeing Jonah Hex instead of Guy Gardner :) "
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I saw my dad was sitting down to watch the finale, and after reading this I knew I had to look for these. Sure enough, there they were!
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I wonder what happens with Marvel Comics?
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I'm confused, what's different about the Black Lantern/Green Arrow cover? I looked HERE and this looks like the same thing. What am I missing?

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Probably some copyright laws? I don't watch Fringe, so I don't know why they chose to use Red Lanterns.


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The covers sure looks nice.I hope they will bring the second season to Greece soon so i can watch it.
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@Dracade102: Real how? You get that they're all imaginary stories, right? :)
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when i saw the "Red Lantern Red Arrow" cover a couple days ago i thought it would be another brightest day tie in, it looked cool so i got excited...they should still do it!

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I wonder what happens with Marvel Comics in their universe? I sure want to see what their world of video games looks like especially the likes of Street fighter and Mortal Kombat.    
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Awesome to see that I wasn't the only one who noticed the comics on the back wall in Peter's new dwelling. Incredible show! (stop whining over Lost getting canceled!)

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