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Mind-Jumping into Comics

Fringe is probably one of my favorite television shows.  They started it out with this "New X-Files" type of feel and then they just expanded from there into it's own entity entirely.  I really like the show and this comic seems to be living up to the show.
I really liked the first half of the comic, "Like Minds", that depicts the first meeting between Walter Bishop and William Bell.  I'm interested in seeing where this will be going in the next episode.
The other half of the comic, "Prisoner", was a little weird.  I understood what was going on with the guy waking up as someone else, but the astronaut at the end kinda threw me.  I'm assuming that it's saying this guy wasn't the only one and there are crazier situations that someone can wake up into.  How it was presented just injected a little confusion to the experience.
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Posted by Trodorne

I don't know if this review really gives me enough information to buy into the series. but i do the the fringe shows. but i give you a recommend cause i did not know they had the comics out.

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