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The Hobgoblin from the year 2211 returns to plague Spider-Man! The time-traveling troublemaker has tipped Spider-Man's life upside down by resuscitating a MAJOR character from his past. Now the wall-crawler must tangle with a foe who has already bloodied his talons with the murder of future Spider-Men and plots to further ruin Peter Parker's life. What chance does our web-slinger have to set things right-and what will be the terrible cost? Part 2 (of 3).

In the year 2211, Dr. Robin Borne has been altering other realities in an attempt to save her own. Arrested by her father, Spider-man, she has her memories erased and is put in a virtual-reality prison. Dr. Lars Nyven loves Robin and has engineered a nanovirus to free her from captivity, but something has gone wrong. Robin is driven insane by the proceedure and given enhanced physical abilities. If Robin can't make her daddy proud the new Hobgoblin is going to erase every Spider-man from every reality. But first she's going to move the still living Ben Parker into our reality. Can her father stop her, can any Spider-man?

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