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OverviewIt's the return of Peter Parker's old flame, Deb Whitman! Unfortunately for Peter, she's written a tell-all memoir about her relationship with him, entitled "How Spider-Man Ruined My Life." Ouch! As if that weren't bad enough, the Vulture has been set loose from prison to scavenge for Spider-Man, but who's behind his release and what nefarious scheme do they have up their sleeve?


Peter's ex-girlfriend Deb Whitman has written a book about how Peter/Spider-man ruined her life. Armed thugs attempt to take Midtown High hostage to lure Spider-man into a trap, but find themselves dealing with Wolverine and The Punisher. The message goes out, Midtown High is protected. Miss Arrow convinces Peter to stay at the school, but now that he has come out against Tony Stark and super-powers registration, he must find a way to stay but avoid arrest. The Vulture is offered his freedom in order to hunt down Spider-man and arrest him. Spidey and the Vulture both head for Deb's book signing.

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