goldenshot80's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 - The Other: Evolve Or Die 1/12 - Shock review

Freindly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 - The other: Evolve Or Die 1

It shows a bank with a new burglar named Tracer. who was probably half machine and half human. He then have the bank worker to take out the blue dye in the bag. Then walked out and found spider-man. He then shot at spider man. Which off course, missed. But the bullets came back and Tracer went in front of it. It went around him because it was target locked. Tracer then got away while Spider-Man was swinging away from the bullets. He then remember what Captain America taught  him and was about to grab the bullets. He got one but the other one shot through his hands. He then lost consciousness. 
4/5 Tracer.....hes kinda funny haaha.
Art: Cool but later in the comic, the colors look like a animation .
Comment: Again its a great book!!

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