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The 'Final' Chapter (yeah, right)... 0

The fourth Friday the 13th film, subtitled (allegedly un-ironically at the time) 'The Final Chapter', has little to recommend it. By this point in the series, it's all been pretty much done before.Picking up where Part III left off, Jason's body is taken to the morgue, where two hospital workers involved in heavy petting get to be his first new victims. Meanwhile, a six teenagers show up at a house they've rented for the summer at Crystal Lake. Once there they meet two girls who look like the Do...

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Feldman Rules 0

FRIDAY THE 13TH THE FINAL CHAPTER : Starring the second most famous guy to do a Friday the 13th movie, Mr. Crispin Glover. Of course he's called a dead ***** through most of the movie, but he also gets to bang one of the hot twins. Hot twins aside another notable pair of boobies would be the dark haired girl from "Weird Science" . If you want to know though why I place this as one of the better Jason movies? Corey Feldman at the end hammering Jason with a machete yelling "DIE! DIE!" like every c...

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