Incredible Shrinking Frenzy

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Is it me or has Frenzy shrunk? I know she's suppose to be almost 7 feet tal,l but in the latest issues of X-Men Legacy they've drawn her to be around a foot shorter. I read a scene with her and Gambit. He was taller than her and she was even wearing heels. If she really was 6'11 she would have been around 7'2 in heels but somehow a 6'2 Gambit is still taller than her. Can anyone answer this mind blowing question?

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I blame the artist... the art in that issue was pretty poor.

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@Hysteria: I think after it was stated that she was that tall and one artist drew her like that and then another went to draw her they just forgot it. The same with Arclight (Phillipa Sontag) who was nearly the same height but was shrunken down after a while. Frenzy and Arclight haven't been their stated heights for a very long time and I kind of think it's better that way. I mean it would be kind of weird at times if she wasn't shrunken down but more so because of her interacting with other characters such as her and Scott who is stated to be 6'3. Anyways I think we can say that even though it says Joanna is 6'11 she probably shrunken down to 5'11 in artist scale and that's what it'll be until someone points it out to an artist or some comes up with a reason why Joanna size is different now (maybe another ability of hers).

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I've seen another example in this month's issue of X-Men legacy. She-Hulk is a lot taller than Frenzy but according to the statistics Frenzy should have a good 4 inches on her. It was almost like seeing Little and Large the wrong way around.

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She's been that height for years. In X-Men Vol.2, 'Blinded by the Light', she was barely taller than some of the New X-Men e.g. Hellion, 5ft 11".

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@Hysteria: The only way I can explain this without spitting on the fourth wall is by saying that she's mutated, the results could be that she's getting shorter, OR that she has "MOOD power". so when she wants to get stronger she actually makes herself more powerful and taller if only to enhance her reach.

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