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The Ringmaster had forged a ring with the power of a Cosmic Cube. He was defeated by a collection of heroes, ending with the Punisher shooting his ring finger. 

Captain America (Steve Rogers) was en route to delivering the ring to SHIELD when a MODOC Squad attacked. His belt was damaged and the ring fell during the fight.

The ring was found by Curtis. He discovered its power while being hungry for ice cream. He used the ring to bring up a number of objects. Curtis pondered the ethics of having such a device.He chose the name Freedom Ring after a remark about getting a 'free dumb ring'.

Curtis got his first chance as a superhero attempting to help Spider-Man (Peter Parker) against the Abomination. Unfortunately, his attacks did little to slow him down, and he was seriously injured. Spider-Man took him to the hospital as the X-Men battled Abomination.

Curtis was left paralyzed from the attack. He continued to use his ring and found he could will himself to stand up and walk with it. Crusader (Skrull) noticed Curtis and began to train him in using the ring.

Curtis and Crusader assisted the Avengers in battling Iron Maniac. He used his ring to stop Iron Maniac, but was impaled by the alternate reality Stark's armor, killing him.

Curtis was given a funeral by the other heroes. Curtis' cosmic ring was later inherited and was possessed by Crusader until his death. The current location of the ring is unknown.


The cosmic ring can alter reality in a limited radius.

  • Curtis can create various objects such as his costume with it.
  • Curtis is learning how to augment his strength and durability with the ring as well as using it to walk despite his paralysis.


Cosmic Ring.



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