DCnU Freedom Fighters *SPOILERS*

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So if you have been keeping up with The Rays 4 issue mini the final issue has an unnamed government agent extend him an invitation to join "a special division of Homeland Security comprised of people with super human abilities" now at first I thought they where referring to JLI but then he hands The Ray a precise of white paper with blue stars that say's in red "I Want YOU". So New 52 Freedom Fighters anybody?   

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were the freedom fighters the team that got killed during villains united? i wouldnt mind the ray in JLI...

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@SoA: yes I know
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07/2006: Uncle Sam & FF #1 of 8 -- 40,736 08/2006: Uncle Sam & FF #2 of 8 -- 31,616 09/2006: Uncle Sam & FF #3 of 8 -- 28,430 10/2006: Uncle Sam & FF #4 of 8 -- 26,527 11/2006: Uncle Sam & FF #5 of 8 -- 25,144 12/2006: Uncle Sam & FF #6 of 8 -- 23,321
01/2007: Uncle Sam & FF #7 of 8 -- 22,46003/2007: Uncle Sam & FF #8 of 8 -- 22,5079/2007: Uncle Sam & FF #1 of 8 -- 23,731 10/2007: Uncle Sam & FF #2 of 8 -- 19,006 11/2007: Uncle Sam & FF #3 of 8 -- 17,157 12/2007: Uncle Sam & FF #4 of 8 -- 15,832 01/2008: Uncle Sam & FF #5 of 8 -- 14,989 02/2008: Uncle Sam & FF #6 of 8 -- 14,126 03/2008: Uncle Sam & FF #7 of 8 -- 13,706 04/2008: Uncle Sam & FF #8 of 8 -- 13,452

09/2010: Freedom Fighters #1 -- 19,378

10/2010: Freedom Fighters #2 -- 12,758

11/2010: Freedom Fighters #3 -- 11,186

12/2010: Freedom Fighters #4 -- 10,028

01/2011: Freedom Fighters #5 -- 9,437

02/2011: Freedom Fighters #6 -- 9,050

03/2011: Freedom Fighters #7 -- 8,886

04/2011: Freedom Fighters #8 -- 8,601

05/2011: Freedom Fighters #9 -- 8,425

Just for reference, the above FF sales figures... I wouldn't anticipate the series debuting to figures higher than these numbers... Also, given the track record I wouldn't expect it to hold on longer than a year... so a mini-series would probably be the best way to go. However, the slate may be cleansed by the new universe and new exposure... given that The Ray #3 sold at 10,859 units, however... I'd be much more likely to suggest that the purpose of a FF mini or series would be to keep the various characters in action and therefore retain ownership. However, I'd love to see the Freedom Fighters return to stats more akin to their first post-IC mini.

Sorry for the poor format. I seem to be unable to fix the post.

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@TheOptimist: Well I wasn't really expecting a book out of it, I'm just happy they exist 
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They were but they got some New replacements (Save for the Ray & Uncle Sam).

I am happy to here There is a Freedom fighters in The New 52 (It does make me wonder if Ray Termil is still on the team because it seems weird that the government would invite a newbie while the current is alive but whatever) maybe with JLI cancelled in August We may get a Freedom fighters ongoing

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I wish they'd get an arc in DC Universe Presents.

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Why do they keep putting the Quality characters together as a team? I mean, if they were that great, why'd they go out of business in the first place? I mean, they dont put the Fawcett characters together, nor the Charlton characters, unless its a Watchmen story.

What they should do is putt all three of those groups of characters together, & make a team. I dont know, maybe Captain Marvel, Phantom Lady & Blue Beetle, with the Bullet Couple, Doll Man, (Max) Mercury,maybe give them Guy Gardner or John Stewart as a GL. Move them onto their own Earth. Yes, the main line-up is kinda just copied from the Justice League, but after all that team sells, while no one really has ever heard of the Freedom Fighters.

Also, change up the name a bit. Not saying Freedom League, but Fighters sounds kinda lame.

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The more I think about it, the less I like the idea of Freedom Fighters.

Just me though.

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New Freedom Fighters - The Ray, Doll Man, Phantom Lady and Human Bomb
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I think homeland security with powers is a good idea and every country should have them. Maybe every corporation should sponsor its own super powered teams too.

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@colonyofcells: this can only lead to corporate wars led by superpowered mercenaries.

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New Freedom Fighters - The Ray, Doll Man, Phantom Lady and Human Bomb

To be honest,I like this incarnation of the team,except:

  1. So far,I still like the previous incarnation of the team far better.
  • Although that may be because this team hasn't even gotten a series or a chance to shine like the previous team did
  1. This team has so few members
  • Again,that may be because nothing has been done with this team yet.

I also hope that this new team gets a series,and I hope they get the same writer/art team that the previous one got.

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I like the new 52,but I only hate that it got rid of all that amazing history.

I will give the new 52 like 2-4 years

Regarding this team,I like the previous version better (although,again,nothing has been done with them yet.However,I fear that nothing will be done).

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