liberty's Freedom Fighters #7 - American Nightmare Part Seven! review

Bicker, Bicker, Bicker

Just Before the Battle
I guess when it all comes out in the end this was really anti-climatic.  We start out with a crippled Firebrand.  I know he was part of the team but giving him a super-powered wheel chair and having him continue on the mission after only haveing his back broken for a day to less than a day.  Was way to much.  Forget about being part of the team, how about letting the guy heal?
Next we have a team that can't get along to the point were they are just annoyingly backbiting.  They are literally acting like angry thirteen-year-olds.  Not only are they bickering, but of course they are doing it while they are fighting the main bad guy. 
Moving on we have a ton of exposition.  We have characters explaining their backgrounds and so on in awkward ways.  It is almost as if this is the first issue and it is just explain who everyone is.  It is really odd when this is done in the seventh part of the story arch, and most of it seems to have no bearing on the story at all
Lastly, (partly due to the bickering) they make idiotic, bone headed mistakes.  (I should also mention that Jester is acting the same way.)  I get what the writer of this comic was doing but I really didn't think it was done well.  What bothers me most is it makes heroes I really like look stupid.  The Ray for example is one of my favorite heroes ever.  It is hard to defend characters I love when they are written like this.
I would not recommend this book, and it pains me to say so.  I love about half the characters on the team.  I want more books with characters like the Ray, Phantom Lady and Miss America but I want them to build on what made them great not this stuff.  I sadly give this book a half-star rating.
In Liberty We Trust

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