fedspaz's Freedom Fighters #2 - American Nightmare Part Two review

American Nightmare - 2

I'm still giddy that the Freedom Fighters are back, so if I seem a little to generous with my good comments, it might be just the excitement.
Here we are, back for issue two and we find the Freedom Fighters already with the backs against the wall.  They have unleashed (from Devil's Tower if I'm not mistaken) four renegade shamans that were trapped there from centuries ago.  Uncle Sam had felt their presence in issue one.  They are up against elements for the most part... Tall Trees, Fire Horse, Thundercloud and Windstorm.  They are referred to as the "Renegades".  It seems the powers of the Freedom Fighters might not be enough to bring down the Renegades.  They seem to be just playthings to the Renegades.
 An interesting little segment in the issue has a Madam Vice President talking to somebody dressed up like they are going to a reenactment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  There are comments thrown around about his family line coming from true patriots.  What a great teaser to throw in there... ok, you got my interest... let's develop this story in the next few issues.  Does this guy have something to do with the Renegades or simply a new plot line developing??  Intriguing I must say.
This issue is almost all battle and not a lot of story to it.  If you like action, it's right up your alley... if you wanted a deeper plot you'll be disappointed to say the least.  Where is this going?  Not a lot was revealed in this issue.
I'm hoping the next issue will have more of the plot revealed to us.  If it was revealed, I'm really slow and didn't pick up on it.
I'm still a fan and will be looking forward to the evolution of this group and this title.  Keep it up!

Posted by Liberty

I liked your review but felt this book was not that great.  There was a lot going on and I hate the way that the characters were portrayed.

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