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It's the war of Americana! The Freedom Fighters face the ancient threat of the Renegades, whose magic may be too much for the heroes to overcome. Has the Lost America conquered the Living America? Find out in this second issue of the new ongoing title starring the fan-favorite super-team, the Freedom Fighters!
Centuries ago the Renegades were created and later imprisoned by the tribal shamans of their day.  The shamans resemble the superheroes of today but the cost of defeating the Renegades meant  it would be about 400 years before superheroes will be seen again.
The Freedom Fighters inadvertently released these Renegades and they prove to be very powerful.  Meanwhile the vice president is being held prisoner and is being tortured by an Arcadian.  This will all end with death.
Also in this issue is a preview for Teen Titans 88.  This is a four page preview.  Many issues that came out this month have the same preview.

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American Nightmare - 2 0

I'm still giddy that the Freedom Fighters are back, so if I seem a little to generous with my good comments, it might be just the excitement. Here we are, back for issue two and we find the Freedom Fighters already with the backs against the wall.  They have unleashed (from Devil's Tower if I'm not mistaken) four renegade shamans that were trapped there from centuries ago.  Uncle Sam had felt their presence in issue one.  They are up against elements for the most part... Tall Trees, Fire Horse, ...

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Typos in a comic, Really? 0

   I was doing pretty well with this comic until I found a typo.  Otherwise, I was a little put off by the Mayan or Aztec guys speaking English.  Otherwise the art is wonderful and I really want to read the next issue.  I liked a lot the details that are starting to come into view with this issue.  I really love Freedom Fighters, but I'm starting to wonder about the writing.  But in a goofy Saturday Morning cartoons kind of way; I really like the issue. ...

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