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 Look at all those smiles...

The hour draws near. In case you forgot, tomorrow’s going to be this year’s Free Comic Book Day. Odds are your “LCS” will be participating in it, but you can check out FCBD's website to be sure. I can say that this year’s roster has some good titles and if you need a refresher, here’s the master list…

I’m not sure how exactly the stats break down, but the difference between the Gold and Silver titles is that, I believe, you’re a lot more likely to come across a Gold one at your store. And don’t give your manager a hard time if they’re not stocking Silver books or if they stipulate that you can only get one free comic or that you have to make another purchase to get some of these. A lot of people don’t realize that, while fans are getting these for free, the stores still have to pay for them. They’re all taking a hit to show their customers some appreciation and, hopefully, bring in some new readers - - so give them a high five for putting such an event on in the first place.

And these are always fun. I can say that the most fun I’ve ever had doing a signing was at New England Comics’ Brookline branch in May 2008. What made that one so fun? It coincided with that year’s Free Comic Day and the place was just bustling with good vibes. Kids and parents, alike, were in so excited from having seen IRON MAN and their enthusiasm was infectious. I’ll give a shout-out to Andy Runton, who was signing copies of OWLY next to me for a rockstar-style line fans. I didn’t get to talk to him that much, but he made an impression on me as being an exceptionally nice guy. I recommend everybody here pick up the OWLY comic Top Shelf is offering (it’s a sweet all-ages book) as well New England Comics’ THE TICK. Not only do I love the Tick - - “Thumb’s up for justice!” - - but NEC has the best run comics stores with the friendliest staff in Boston.

Unfortunately, I won’t be doing any signing tomorrow, myself, but I’ll be at Meltdown Comics to support my Archaia friends’ for their FRAGGLE ROCK event. There’s going to be actual Fraggles there to have your picture taken with - - what more incentive do Angelinos need?

Anyway, I always feel good whenever FCBD rolls around. It’s a great reminder of how fun comics can be, especially in a group setting. I clearly remember when this whole thing was just a fun idea that was being floated around as a way to follow the success of Basking Robbins’ Free Scoop Day. Now, here we are, however many years later, and FCBD is an institution that’s as much a part of the American comics community as New Comics Wednsedays and Comic Cons. Enjoy yourselves tomorrow and, more importantly, bring some friends. The whole point of this is to win over new readers for comics, after all. So help out!

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on

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isnt the Lady Gaga comic also going to be free tomorrow?

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Yes!!! Favorite time of the year next to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

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WOW holy crap, the only comic store here for miles is participating, that is a shock for me, lol

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all the ones I want are Silver, I hope they have them. My store has a limit of three per person and your store may too, so if this is your first FCBD, just be aware of that fact.

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WAR OF THE SUPERMEN WOOOO. This is my third year of FCBD

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 DC - - WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #0       

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I can actually go this year:D

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hmmmm... should i do free comic day? why not. its free.

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Just curious does anyone know what Iron Man: Supernova or Iron Man/Thor is about? I am debating if I want to make the drive for those two issues.

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Yes! Can't wait!
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 OWLY AND FRIENDS is a book about desperate people doing desperate things.

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MOUSE GUARD!!!  WOOT!!!  I cannot WAIT for tomorrow!!!

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Yeah I have no work tomorrow, I've never been so happy to not have work!!

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I'm going this year! ^__^
 Marvel - - IRON MAN/THOR

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Can't wait!  :-D

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Lucky me, I actually got War of the Supermen #0 today (friday) and I have to say, it's awesome.

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@jamesewelch: thanks
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Im still waiting for Avengers day on the 22nd
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I won't be doing any Free Comics day stuff, as one of my best friends is getting married tomorrow, and that takes priority.

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wait this is my first time going is it gonna be crowded? Do they have a special line for paying customer's cuz i was gonna pay for my comics anyway and i hope they don't sell out! :( I'm worried!

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i love free comic day.
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@brendon277 said:
" wait this is my first time going is it gonna be crowded? Do they have a special line for paying customer's cuz i was gonna pay for my comics anyway and i hope they don't sell out! :( I'm worried! "
You should start a pull list with the shop. They order yours in advance and put them aside for you so you'll never miss 'em again.
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It's Christmas all over again.

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Im going at 11:00 AM Huzzah!

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this is awesome! i went the first time this year :), got 6 issues

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@iloverobots said:
"Lucky me, I actually got War of the Supermen #0 today (friday) and I have to say, it's awesome. "

Agreed. It was a fantastic issue.
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YES!! about freakin time

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