Public Service Announcement: Free Comic Book Day. May 7th, 2011

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So the handsome bastard is right, go to your local comic book store. spread the word to others. With the concept of free comics other people should take the time to introduce others to comics that they are not normally into. those who like reading might find that comics are fun, there are quite a few comics which are based on books or have famous authors with their names put on several comics to get those types of readers.

  So do your part for not only the community but for the industry itself. i mean this is a great opportunity to get those who look down on comics into it with a free comic of their own. Most establishments will often make a party of it. and if you work in a comic store, why not make a party of it. May 7th is the day this year where we can share our world not with each other but with others who normally would not get involved.
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I'm almost literally the first one at my particular comic store to be in line for the free comics and I've always loved that day of the year..probably almost as much as when Wednesday rolls around. Excellent video though! I try to encourage anyone and everyone around me to go.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus:  thanks redhead, I hope to see other viners do the same in their area.
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can not wait... I will check out what is up on May 7th... probably will go see Thor on the same day... 
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These really do seem to role around quickly

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@King Saturn: Thats awesome if you do both. too bad this is not like facebook cause id hit like button right now for that.
@Omega Ray Jay: its a good time to take the opportunity to enjoy the day while you can.
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Fully aware of it since late march

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@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge:  thats great, than i hope you are able to take part in it. :)

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