My First Free Comic Book Day Experience...

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Yep, although I've been a sporadic comic book reader for years now, this is my first Free Comic Book Day I've attended.  I couldn't tell ya why I haven't before.  I suppose I just forget each year, but this year would be different!  This morning, at approximately 11 AM, me and my little bro embarked to our "local" comic shoppe for what would be both our first FCBD.
I quipped as we drove along that if even five other people showed up to our shop that day, the place would be packed.  That's because our shop, Comic Madness, although AWESOME both in service and selection, is a tiny tiny place.  Sure enough, when we showed up.  There were a little more than five people.  In fact, the damn place was packed with a line coming out the door.  Besides the allure of free comics, this was also likely due to the fact that our shop had Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald coming in for a signing that day.

 Packed House.  My little bro at the far right.
It honestly was a neat thing to see, so many people excited about comics.  We eventually DID make it into the store, and followed the snaking line around the familiar stacks and shelves that we see each week, only now buffeted by people to the left and right.

 So many people.  So many comics.  So much awesome.
Finally, after about a half hour, we made it up to the free comics.  I actually felt like a little kid as I looked at all the choices available to pick up, especially knowing that the price would be free.  My little brother took a second making his choices.  I however, agonized over the whole thing, feeling simultaneously excited, indecisive, and guilty.  Excited for free comics.  Indecisive because it's my nature.  Guilty because there were tons of people behind me waiting to make the same difficult decision.  In the end, I picked up Spider-Man (Duh), Green Lantern (Double Duh), Worlds of Aspen, Mouse Guard, and Baltimore.  All solid choices, I think.  I also got some free Green Lantern "Heroclix" miniature, which now stands next to my Captain Boomerang and Flash mini figures on my shelf.
 They are just giving the amazing away.  TAKE IT!
But of course, it's bad etiquette to pick up free comics and not actually buy anything!  (Note; I don't actually know if it is bad etiquette or not to not purchase anything on Free Comic Book Day, I'm making that shit up) So, since the boys had arrived after making the drive down here, and because I'd been putting off picking up the frankly amazing-looking, Lady Mechanika series up to that point I decided to pick up reprints of Lady Mechanika 0 and 1.  Of course, Mr. Benitez and Mr. Steigerwald were more than happy to sign them (my awkwardly hearty "Thank you guys so much!" being reciprocated with an equally hearty, "No thank YOU!" from Steigerwald).  Can't wait to give these two a read.
 Genuinely geeking out...
All in all, you can probably tell I had a pretty bitchin' Free Comic Book Day.  Heck, I saw Thor later that day, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience in and of itself (possible review incoming?).  I look forward to the first Saturday in May of next year, and might even drag along a few more people to get a slice of the awesome.  I think it's something as many people as possible need to take part in.
Hope you dudes and dudettes had similarly awesome experiences.  Shoot, tell me about it.

Until next time, I'm out!
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DAMN IT! I couldn't go, stupid work. Looked awesome.

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@Deranged Midget: 
So many people missed it because of work!  Don't employers know it's a national holiday?!
#3 Posted by Deranged Midget (18229 posts) - - Show Bio
@ImperiousRix: Oh I wish they were informed, my whole weekend is ruined :(
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I went super early and beat the crowds. Got some killer stuff. Another fun year, cant wait to do it again.
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Awesome. would you recommend thor movie though?
#6 Posted by Deranged Midget (18229 posts) - - Show Bio
@goldenshot80: I would.
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where is this?? this store looks familiar!
#8 Posted by ImperiousRix (1144 posts) - - Show Bio
I would definitely recommend Thor.  It's real good fun, and probably rates somewhere between Incredible Hulk and Iron Man as far as quality Marvel films goes.
It's Comic Madness in Chino, Southern California.  It's kind of a hole in the wall as far as size, but it's never let me down.  The dudes who work there are also real cool.
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ok it looks like the place i go to on 28th street in Grand Rapids, MI, but then again they all probably look very similar haha.................................
#10 Posted by ImperiousRix (1144 posts) - - Show Bio
Yeah, I can imagine that that'd be an easy mistake to make, especially since I'm only showing like two angles of the entire store, haha.

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