Free Comic Book Day

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Is there a certain selection of comics you can choose from on that day or do you get to pick any comic you want? Also are you limited to just one comic or does it all depend on the comic shop you are at. I have been living in the country for my entire life and will finally be moving to the city soon and this will be my first free comic book day this year.

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I imagine different comic shops have different rules on it. I know at my local shop they try to limit people to 8. There are certain comics that come out just for Free Comic Day (can't just pick any comic you want from the store).

#3 Posted by Icarusflies (12979 posts) - - Show Bio
@LazarusFromTheGrave: Each company puts out a title that you can get a copy of for free. You (sadly) can't just get any free comic you want. And how many you get varies by store.
#4 Posted by LazarusFromTheGrave (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Okay thanks for the info. I will go ask my local shop when I move, I know there is gonna be one about a 40 minute walk away.

#5 Posted by AMS (1357 posts) - - Show Bio

If your comic shop staff are cool they will hopefully save you a copy of each comic, it's a long ask though but mine do it for me.

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