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He uses an amnesiac boy to lure others into Springwood, adding a rare bonus: Dr. Maggie Burroughs, Freddy's only known daughter. The film covers the early history of Freddy, being a child bullied and abused, then growing into an abusive adult. Maggie eventually fights and kills Freddy, delivering the line "Happy Father's Day" right before going for the kill.







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Gosh darn it you spoiled the ending. 0

The stupid thing about this Freddy film they automatically give you the conclusion to the whole movie in the title , "Freddy's Dead". It doesn't seem to be a thrilling name for a movie promising you Freddy is going to die at the end of the film. The movie starts with an amnesiac boy who is part of a plot set up by Freddy to lure other teenagers to their deaths. The thing I like about this film is that in the end it shows you more of Freddy's beginnings which after you see his beginning you will ...

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Freddy's Dead, Don't Be Misled 0

'They've Saved the Best for Last' the poster says.That's a lie.Despite having the biggest effects budget yet - or perhaps because of it - this is easily the worst of the series.Once again, we have a group of bad acting teenage Freddy fodder that exists pretty much just to be killed in spectacular ways. And, even though a reason is (sort of) given why he's after this new crop, the story is beyond silly - it just makes no sense. And this time when I say the script makes no sense, I don't mean like...

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3D Freddy? 0

I have heard a lot about this movie. I have seen some of the others and couldn’t wait to see how they killed Freddie! So I got the chance to watch it on DVD. I wasn’t really for what I saw.We first turned on the 3D mode and started the movie… but no 3D! This fun feature was only at the end when they went for Freddie. It would have been better if it was the whole movie. Oh, well. Then the movie went on it’s way. I didn’t know if I was watching a Comedy or a Horror movie. This was ok, because that...

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