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Freakout was a heavy metal rock star until drug abuse had fried his mind and transformed him into a berserker whose brain does not register pain inflicted upon him. Freakout was taken to the New Life Clinic and became a patient of Lionel Jeffries aka Scramble alongside with Breakdown, Janus and a young girl named Laura Dean who had a mutant sister named Goblyn. Scramble kept Freakout and his other super powered patients inside large cylinders. Freakout and the other patients were set free by Aurora during a fight between Omega and Alpha Flight. Freakout and the other patients escaped after Omega was killed but to be found later by the being known as Bedlam who forged them to become his team called the Derangers. Bedlam forced his Derangers to fight Alpha Flight to see who gets the privilege of becoming the core of his new master race. Freakout went toe to toe with Snowbird as Sasquatch and could not register the pain inflicted upon him. Sasquatch did not want to kill Freakout even though she was under the mental control of Bedlam so she transformed herself into human form. Freakout refused to kill a helpless woman and Bedlam lost mental control of the rock star. Freakout turned on his leader but was killed when he was impaled by a number of sharp stalagmites controlled by Bedlam.


Freakout was created by Bill Mantlo and Terry Shoemaker in 1987 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 48.

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