Is it time for Franklin to step up? (spoilers)

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I warned about the spoilers, so I'll just go on: 
Johnny Storm is gone. I don't really wanna say dead (although it's highly possible, but whatever). But yeah, he's gone and the Fantastic Four is now a Fantastic Three... Or is it? Obviously, they'll end up replacing him, so is it time that Franklin Richards to step up and really be a part of this Fantastic Family? Or both he AND Valeria to make it a Fantastic Five? 
Over the years, they keep insisting that Franklin has the potential to be the most powerful being like, ever. So I think it's finally time to see what he can do. And Valeria's character has evolved pretty rapidly lately making her intelligence on par with or even greater than the likes of Reed Richards of Dr. Doom. 

So... Is it time?
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technically hes just a kid and that will never change unless marvel takes away his reality warping again because hes just to damn powerful with it
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@Gambit1024: Well shouldn't he be older? 
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How old is he exactly?

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@Gambit1024 said:

" How old is he exactly? "

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@PumpkinBomb: Where do you get these wonderful charts? lol
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I think he should be given the chance. He's part of a family of superheroes, he's one of the most powerful people on Earth (last time I checked; please correct me if I'm wrong), he's even been a superhero on a team before. It makes sense to me that he'd be given a chance at least, even if it's just driving the Fantasti-car and just helping around while in safety.
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I@PumpkinBomb: I was just looking over an issue of Fantastic Four that came out like last year. He had a birthday party with the the kids from Power Pack. THEN i looked up the ages of the kids from power pack and they have all aged at a rate of 7 years instead of 5 years. In other words Franklin should be at least 12 and going on 13.

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well, when he came back from the future, he did tell Valeria that  "future man" would come back and help them or save them or something to that effect 
so maybe he'll come back and take Johnny's place for a while 
who knows 
it's still pretty open at this point 
but I'm really excited to find out
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he's 11
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@PumpkinBomb said:
" @Gambit1024 said:

" How old is he exactly? "


It's even worse because you've got Lightspeed over in Loners aged 14-16, a decade older than a character she's supposed to be the same age as.

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