Future Franklin's "Death"

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I have just re-read the whole of F4 # 604 .

I have also been reading the various comments on KMC , The Lounge , and other such sites .

And in every single case I saw that the posters there were unanimously convinced that Future Franklin "died" and was resurrected by Galactus after the final clash with the Earth-4280 version of Eson(the last Mad Celestial,the apparent leader of the group, that they destroyed) .

My own interpretation of the entire scenario is that , after flying straight into the last Mad Celestial , Franklin teleported safely out of harm's way , while Galactus shielded them both from the fallout of the destruction of the Celestial(Franklin having been momentarily depleted to protect himself ,or maybe it was just his way of showing his family how awesome he was) .

So what do you think ?

1.Did Future Franklin die and get reborn in #604 ?

2.Or did he survive and was shielded by Galactus from the radioactive fallout , because he was too depleted for the moment to protect himself ?

3.Or was it just Hickman's way of showing Franklin's family how awesome he was ?

I personally believe it was scenario 3 , but if I am missing something , please enlighten me .

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Public/Popular opinion is irrelevant now , because Hickman himself confirmed my assertions in his latest reply to a query like this one , on his Formspring :

In the end I was right , not that there was any doubt about it .

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