Does Franklin Richards control all reality in the Marvel U?!

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Very interesting write up I ran across when I was searching for definite info on how old Franklin was. great read

It all makes sense now!!!
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I know right? Franklin should be at least 13 by now, even in comic book time.

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@GundamHeavyarms said:
I know right? Franklin should be at least 13 by now, even in comic book time.
Reality warping to stay young maybe? 
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@Nerx said:
@GundamHeavyarms said:
I know right? Franklin should be at least 13 by now, even in comic book time.
Reality warping to stay young maybe? 
I can summarize it and do it justice, but read the link I posted and your head will explode!!! No lie. This guy's truly onto something with his angle. When Franklin was born at the height of Marvel's Silverage "Marvel Time" suddenly began.... coincidence?
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Franklin doesn't create dream versions of anything. Heroes Reborn was an exact physical location, placed inside a tesseract space also of Franklin's design, and consciously done at that as he kept aware of it's presence since. He also does this sort of thing (create universes, life, ect) in his spare time while sitting in his bed at night for kicks.. There was no illusion to what he made.
Outside the fact that Franklin can weave space/time, though he usually prefers to create a new, he isn't the only acting force by far in the Marvel omniverse, and many of those forces are on equal or greater standing than him, hence I can't agree with the notion the author is trying to outline that Franklin is solely in control of what goes on on a cosmic scale in the Marvel U. It would be illogical to believe that other entities would have allowed him to take control of such a factor, and harder to swallow that he even created it, as he may have been introduced around the beginning of Marvel Comics in our own time, he was far from being near it's beginning in the fictional universes history.
The article goes a great length to show Franklin's feats, and appears to me more a Feat/Respect showing than what it's intent is. For example an actual moment where Franklin created Time, or took it over, is notably absent. As well, the author is using non-canon material there, in droves, including cartoon comedy pages? That sort of melts the credibility.
Is Franklin a powerful reality warper? Yes.
Is he the sole controller of Time in the Marvel Universe? No.
Did he create Time in the Marvel Universe? No.
Does he control his own age? He could, but then who's controlling Peter Parkers? I'd go with TOAA on this one actually. TOAA just makes a more pliable reality you see.
note: that's all sort of null and void as well as of the time of writing as it currently stands, the current continuity and space/time was created by Hercules, though it could be said as acting through TOAA.

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You raise some interesting counter arguments. But I don't think Franklin needs to have been involved in the creation of the Marvel U in order to exert the level of influence which the writer suggests. As far as the other Cosmic entities taking steps to intervene in him doing so goes, I feel that argument could be applied to many other characters like Phoenix, why would the other forces of equal or greater power (totally forgot which specific ones that may be as of this moment) allow said entity to exist based upon how dangerous it can be? On a side note I find the psychological aspects of his theory to be very, very intriguing. I wonder if writers and artists intentionally did many of the things he pointed out like the Birthday cake thing in Hickman's Run.  
Also as far as his usage of the term "dream" I think that's unimportant. I think the main conjecture remains valid. I very much believe that Franklin's powers work on both a conscious and unconscious level. 
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@CATPANEXE: On the age bit he might have subconscious control and the fact that any superhero, regardless in marvel or dc has retarded aging (in a way like nick fury's infinity serum but a lot better)

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