peteparker's Franklin Richards: Sons Of Geniuses #1 - Sons Of Geniuses review

Reality-Hopping Calvin and Hobbes!

If you enjoy Calvin and Hobbes, or the adventures of the multi-colored Hulks you often find at the end of recent comic books, you'll probably enjoy this book.
One of many in the series of Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius, "Sons of Geniuses" is a comic-strip-esque delve into a few young Franklin Richards' in alternate universes.  From a Superman to a chimp to a butler, we see Franklin as we've never seen him before.  If the Son of a Genius universe had a 'What If?' section, it would be this book.
Almost as big in this book as Franklin is H.E.R.B.I.E., Franklin's long-time caregiver and friend, who is featured in each and every alternate universe seen.  It would seem that H.E.R.B.I.E. is crucial to Franklin's development in each of these realities.
If you find yourself often reading the Sunday funnies in your local newspaper, or connecting your RSS feeds to daily web comic strips, you'll enjoy this series of books.  If you like Alternate Universes too, you'll love this book specifically.

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