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Frankenstein, one of the key texts in modern literature, was written by Mary Shelley in 1818 when she was only 21. The next thirty years of her life were comparatively uneventful, and they were productive ones for her, although her later writings never achieved the same fame as Frankenstein which was composed in that most turbulent time of her life. She died in 1851.

Character Evolution

The monster itself has been the basis for many movies, books and comics. Adaption of the central ideas and themes have had a resurgence in the 21st century with the dawn of technologies that are applicable to modern and scientifically more plausible methods that could bring about the same scenarios.

Even with modern interpretations (as with many icons monsters and meme's) the classic bolt-necked, square, flat topped head, half shut eyes with grey or green skin (even though in the novel it was a jaundiced yellow color) is the most recognizable image of the monster. The monster was dubbed Adam by its creator Victor Frankenstein.

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