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In 1866, working from a castle 15 miles outside of Metropole City, American scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein built a monster using parts from dead bodies. The creature sleeps for over a century until a stray bolt of lightning happens to strike the monster. Waking, the artificial man finds a mask left behind by the scientist, along with a book explaining who he is and that his name is Frank Stone. Venturing out into the world, he rescues a millionaire from a flaming car and when that man dies shortly thereafter, Frank inherits his fortune. Thus, Frank sets to work crimefighting. Helping him is his valet William, the only other person who knows of his secret identity.


Possessing the strength of 50 men, he is able to lift 30 times his own weight, run faster than a leopard, jump 50 feet from a standing start, and can "take more punishment than an elephant."

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