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Brief History

The monster of Frankenstein was created by the brilliant scientist Victor Frankenstein. Although the creature was intelligent and sensitive, Frankenstein believed he had created a monster. When the creature demanded a mate, Victor agreed, only to change his mind and kill his new creation. For revenge, the creature killed Victor's youngest brother William. But he did not stop there.

On Victor's wedding night, he killed his bride Elizabeth to settle the score. He left for the Arctic and was pursued by Frankenstein, who ultimately died searching for him. Nearly a century later, the monster was found in the ice by Robert Walton IV who was exploring the region. The monster began to search for descendants and found Vincent Von Frankenstein, the great grandson of Victor's brother Ernst.

Vincent tried to gain control of the monster for his own evil purposes until he was killed by one of his servants. After this, the creature entered another icy grave, only to be found again and put on display at a fair. A crime organization known as I.C.O.N. soon began their efforts to detain him and made their own creations to stop him. After befriending Ralph Caccone he soon met another of his creators descendants - Veronica Frankenstein.

Veronica wished to atone for her family's mistakes and even gave him surgery that would allow him to speak.

But he eventually started a mission to kill all of the members of Victor Frankenstein's family. After killing all but the last member he finds his way to Westchester in control of the Murder Circus. After finally finding Maximilian von Katzenelnbogen he set out to exact his final revenge. He is eventually stopped by the X-men he has previously had under mind control by Calcabrina.

Note: Years before, in X-men issue 40, a Frankenstein Monster appeared, who turned out to be a Frankenstein Android. However, the real Frankenstein Monster also appears in flashback.

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